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Deepen communication with customers to keep business flowing! Using AI to simplified streamline the sales process, support sales teams to increase sales opportunities, analyze customer data, etc.! Increase Your Closed Deals with Sales Automation Now!

Performance enhancement with AI

Through AI predictive analysis, automating tedious daily tasks, ensuring work priorities, etc., sales team members can focus more on communicating with customers or make more preparations for sales.

Customized quotation only one-click

Through the user-friendly interface, simply drag and drop to complete the quotation required for sales, or directly use the quotation template to speed up the sales process and reduce manual errors.

Highly scalable to support sales

The system is highly customized and the required third-party systems can be connected to meet the required management and operating procedures to create an exclusive system.

Customer interaction tracking

Record customer interaction history, including calls, emails, chat records, etc., manage all aspects of potential customer information in a single and centralized manner, formulate personalized marketing strategies, and hit the target with one click.

Real-time analysis, turns data become revenue

Various reports can be generated instantly, and highly flexible data classification and labeling functions can help sales staff better understand various sales indicators and prepare for the next step.

Generative AI Business System

You can easily generate system applications based on input system keywords, such as online reservation, customer relationship, order management, etc., and worksheet content can be built by oneself. No IT knowledge is required to get started, which greatly improves developer efficiency and reduces operating costs!

More to explore with the power of AI

You can build your own AI business assistants to handle those mundane daily tasks. It comes with extensive capabilities, seamlessly integrates with diverse platforms and enterprise systems, and even supports popular communication tools like WhatsApp and MS Teams to automatically handle mundane daily tasks and improve processing efficiency! Want to create a YOOV AI assistant? Contact us now to enjoy a new smart experience!