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One-stop solution, from preparation to entry! Simplify your event management with digital and automated features. From custom registration forms and facility reservations to payments and QR code check-ins, everything is in one place for easy event management! • Automated event processes • Custom form management for registration records • QR code records attendance

Digital Event Management Solution

Customised Forms System

Online Booking System

Human Resource Management

Event Management

Quick Check-In Function

API Support

Simplify event management, supporting you at every step! Handle event matters instantly, no matter where you are, with just a device in hand!

Activity Preparation

• Employee Information Management • Form Builder • Event Schedule • Ticket Setting • Setting Up Payment Gateway • Participant Management • Automated Confirmation SMS

Activity Period

• Quick Check-In • Participant Management • Staff Notification

After the event

• Follow-up Notification • Analysis Report • Questionnaire Survey • Arrangement of next event

Example of Event Management Process

Automated send a confirmation SMS to customers

Once an administrator confirms the registration, the system will automatically send a confirmation message to the participant.

Easy to check event registration status

Through the back end of the system, administrators can add, delete, and modify information to each activity in real time. All participants' registration information and activity status can be viewed and updated anytime.

Support for third-party interfaces

APIs that support PayPal, Payme, WeChat Pay, etc. By connecting to multiple payment methods, administrators have the flexibility to receipt payments online and select the suitable payment method.

QR Code Ticketing System

Support QR Code check-in, easily to check event attendance in real-time.

Graphical Activity Analysis

Automatically displays the data in custom charts! Analysis activity performance intuitively and easily!

Generative AI Business System

You can easily generate system applications based on input system keywords, such as online reservation, customer relationship, order management, etc., and worksheet content can be built by oneself.

More to explore with the power of AI

Integrate with AI for more value and connect your AI chatbot to your favouite tools like WhatsApp, Slack, Teams, and more.

Why is there a need for intelligently managed transitions?

Data-driven Management

• Save up to 75% in human resource costs • Save up to 94% in work hours

Enhance Customer Experience

Convenient and fast service experience for tenants/occupiers

Accurate Data Analysis

Effective centralised data management and quick report generation for accurate analysis

Save Resources and Costs

Automatically calculates data and executes scheduled work instructions to reduce labour and time costs

Improve Work Efficiency

Simplify time-consuming workflow

Enhance Staff Collaboration

Facilitates teamwork and information sharing