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Efficient management of inbound logistics YOOV PLUS Inventory Management System easily tracks the inventory details of each item in the warehouse! Grasping the status of warehouse, employee can manage inventory more effectively, reduce waste and improve turnover!

Inventory records are scattered and confusing?

Inventory records are scattered and confusing, making it difficult to know the status of inventory

Lack of flexibility in the old system?

In the past, we only used Excel records or manual input, and errors often occurred

Difficulty in tracking the inventory manager?

Difficult to manage different inventory managers in a unified way

Can't replenish the stock in time for out-of-stock?

Time-consuming to create and print stock lists

Easy inventory deployment

Real-time inventory management

Automated replenishment process

Data Security

  • Approval

    Inventory Approval

    Purchase, allocation, and in/out approval of inventory

  • Notification

    Inventory status notification

    Inventory notification can be set up to detect abnormalities and prevent stock shortage and overstocking

  • Tracking

    Inventory Tracking

    Enable tracking of each item of inventory, including quotation, order, and inbound/outbound, etc.

  • Management

    Inventory Management and Analysis

    Provides a variety of analytical tools to help users better understand inventory status and future trends

Inventory Approval

Purchase, allocation, and in/out approval of inventory

Combines the advantages of automation, efficiency, flexibility and integration

Flexibility to create inventory flow

The system is simple and easy to use, and provides various customisation functions to change the operation interface and operation flow at any time, so that the administrators can manage the system more conveniently.

Automated Inventory Process

The system tracks the details of each inventory item in real time. When an action meets the trigger conditions, the process runs automatically, automating your organisation's workflow by taking stock and updating inventory data, thus reducing manual errors.

Easy Inventory Allocation

The system allows you to easily allocate inventory, giving you an overview of your inventory and helping your team to make more accurate judgements and decisions.

Inventory Notification, Order and Approval Alerts

By setting up system workflow, sales and administrative staff will be automatically notified when new purchases, orders and invoices are generated. Various approvals are also supported and can be submitted and approved in a few simple steps.

Diversified Inventory Management Data

Provides a variety of reports and charts to help users better understand warehouse operations and future trends for better decision making

Generative AI Business System

You can build your own AI business assistants to handle those mundane daily tasks. It comes with extensive capabilities, seamlessly integrates with diverse platforms and enterprise systems, and even supports popular communication tools like WhatsApp and MS Teams to automatically handle mundane daily tasks and improve processing efficiency! Want to create a YOOV AI assistant? Contact us now to enjoy a new smart experience!

More to explore with the power of AI

Connect your AI chatbot to instant messaging software, such as WhatsApp, Slack, Teams, etc., to automatically handle mundane daily tasks and improve processing efficiency! Want to create a YOOV AI assistant? Contact us now to enjoy a new smart experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is YOOV PLUS?

    YOOV PLUS is a No-Code development platform that enables businesses to custom-build systems based on their unique business needs. YOOV PLUS automates repetitive business processes into workflows and centralises all data in one place for analysis, increasing overall efficiency at low cost.

  • Can I use YOOV PLUS if I don't have any coding knowledge?

    You can use YOOV PLUS to build your own system simply by drag and drop without any coding knowledge. Also use YOOV PLUS's various modules, including sales and purchasing management, customer relationship management, and project management systems.

  • Is the data stored in the YOOV PLUS cloud system secure?

    To ensure the safety of data storage, all data stored in the YOOV PLUS are encrypted using AES-256, and the transmission of information between your device and our servers is protected using 256-bit TLS encryption. Moreover, YOOV PLUS servers are located in data centres that are SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 certified.

  • Can YOOV provide custom systems?

    YOOV understands that different industries have different needs. In addition to the default application systems and modules, we can also customize systems according to the specific requirements of our customers. This helps businesses improve their work efficiency and enhance their competitiveness. Feel free to contact us for more information about custom systems.

  • Is there support available during the trial period?

    If users encounter any difficulties during the trial period, they can reach out to our technical support team for assistance via WhatsApp or email.