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Comprehensively manage project progress, quality, approval, and safety monitoring. Integrate data for efficient management and project monitoring.

Project Management

• Establish and document engineering projects, noting project names, locations, budgets, and other details. • Monitor project progress at each stage, tracking start and end dates, key milestones, and more. • Allocate resources effectively, ensuring each project has the manpower, materials, and equipment it needs. • Manage project budgets by tracking expenses, forecasting costs, and handling cost changes.

Quality Management

• Manage the ordering and procurement process of construction materials, including supplier selection, quotation, and order tracking. • Record the usage and consumption of construction materials, as well as update inventory. • Conduct regular inspections, engineering defect checks, performance testing, and calculate depreciation and life cycle costs.

Worker Management

• Record basic information of workers, such as name, contact information, skills, and licenses. • Schedule workers' shifts, including assigning tasks and monitoring work progress. • Track workers' attendance records, including punch-in and punch-out times, leave, and overtime situations.

Progress Report

• Generate project engineering progress reports, showing completion status, inspections, equipment conditions, relevant information, and projected schedules for each phase. • Provide cost reports to allow management to understand budget status, cost changes, and cost-benefit analysis.

Maximize resource efficiency

Manage the allocation of manpower, materials, and equipment to ensure that your engineering projects have sufficient resources to support them and ensure the smooth progress of each project. This helps maximize resource efficiency and ensure that projects are completed on time.

Easily Track All Contracts

Easily create, store, and record all contracts related to construction projects, including suppliers, contractors, and leases, ensuring that all contract documents are properly managed and tracked. This greatly simplifies the contract management process, ensuring error-free contract execution and smooth progress of construction projects.

Quickly manage quotations, saving time

No more worries about the complex quotation process; easily create, save, and manage quotations, including project details, cost items, and price details. This allows you to respond to customer needs more quickly and improves quotation efficiency.

Gain deep insights into project status

Generate a variety of customizable reports, such as progress reports, cost reports, resource allocation reports, and quality reports, providing comprehensive engineering analysis. This enables you to quickly identify issues and make appropriate adjustments, enhancing project management efficiency.

Ensure Engineering Quality

A clear and concise safety inspection checklist ensures that the project meets quality standards and enables the prompt resolution of any issues or defects. This effectively reduces potential safety risks and ensures that the project progresses without compromising quality.

Why Us?

Save Money, Save Time

• Save up to 75% in human resource costs • Save up to 94% in work hours

Comprehensive Features

Choose different modules according to business needs: • Sales, Procurement, Inventory • Logistics and Transportation System • Event Planning

Efficient and Secure

• Equipped with advanced firewalls to prevent hacking and data leaks • Utilizes bank-grade AES and SSL encryption technologies to comprehensively protect data

Local Support

• Comprehensive support services in Cantonese and English • Full support for both local and international customers

Digital Transformation

• Eliminate redundant processes, significantly reduce work hours, and enhance efficiency • Streamline operational workflows, facilitating business upgrades in digital transformation

Paperless Office

Businesses can achieve a paperless office model, thereby enhancing ESG ratings: • Environmental • Social • Governance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does YOOV PLUS do?

    YOOV PLUS is a No-Code development platform, which aims to enable companies customizing their own systems based on unique business needs. YOOV PLUS automates repetitive business process into workflows and centralize all data in one place for analysis, increasing overall efficiency at low cost.

  • I don't understand programming. Is YOOV PLUS suitable for me?

    Each team can use the drag-and-drop feature of YOOV PLUS to build a custom system without any programming knowledge.

  • Is it safe to store data in YOOV PLUS cloud system?

    To ensure the safety of data storage, all data stored in the YOOV PLUS are encrypted using AES-256, and the transmission of information between your device and our servers is protected using 256-bit TLS encryption. Moreover, YOOV PLUS servers are located in data centers that are SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 certified.

  • Can YOOV provide customized systems?

    YOOV can customize systems according to customer requirements. This helps businesses improve efficiency and competitiveness. Feel free to contact us for inquiries about customized systems.

  • Is there support during the trial period?

    YOOV offers two support plans, with the standard plan being completely free. If users encounter difficulties during the trial period, they can contact our technical support team via WhatsApp or email.