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Professional and reliable advice and insurance solutions you can trust Hassle free comprehensive one stop shop procurement. Your business and employees are well protected with our wide range of insurance products. YOOV Insurance Services Limited Insurance Broker Company Licence No.: GB1024

Risk Management System

Upon risk evaluation, our team will provide a tailor-made risk management in accordance to types of industry. The client potentially lower the probability of accident risk and insurance cost.

Types of Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Office Properties・Employees' Compensation・Public Liability・Group Medical ・Product Liability・Professional Liability

Motor Insurance

Private Car・Commercial Motor・Fleet Vehicle

Construction and Exhibition Insurance

Material Damage・Third Party Liability・Employees' Compensation・Material Damage in Construction Sites・Performance Bond

Client Case

Private Car Insurance

I was involved in a road traffic accident two years ago, fortunately no one was injured. As a consequences of the accident, I ended up with a HKD 150,000 claim due to damage of third party property and myself. The insurance company, although willing to renew my policy, increased the premium significantly. It was a difficult situation but YOOV Insurance gave a detailed and reasonable explanations to the new insurance company, that I was unlikely to ran into the same accident again. The final premium was lowered from $17,000 to around $9,000! Retired Mr. Fong

Package Insurance

Earlier this year, one of my employees was injured the little finger by a door in the office meeting room. The injury has resulted our staff away from the office for nearly a month. The Labour Department assessed the permanent disability as 1% for the said staff with final compensation amount exceeded HKD 60,000. In wake of this incident, our previous insurance provider doubled the premium! YOOV Insurance came to rescue and helped us finding a new insurance policy, with a new provider. Our new insurance provider acknowledged the incident's accidental nature and minimal chance of re-occurrence. This meant the quoted premium stayed close to the original level. Our company has successfully respond to needs with optimal cost. CFO, Natural Resources Transport Company Mr. Lai

What's more, clients opted to procure the insurance provided by YOOV Insurance are eligible for reward points. Use these points on employee benefit platform EB Club for a wide range of offers. Medical care is also available to provide workers an extra layer of protection and welfare.

Complimentary Corporate Website

Access our web design packages for free. Make your first step towards on-line business promotion by building a website with news, product/service descriptions, announcements and other information.

Free Corporate Email

Your first year is free on our corporate email system. Enjoy enhanced email security and confidentiality without being disturbed by ads.

Employee Benefit Platform

Earn points when you procure commercial insurance solution via YOOV Insurance. The points are redeemable for discounted products on EB Club, a employee benefit platform. Fulfil your employees’ everyday needs with benefits in clothing, food, living, travel, health, entertainment, beauty and work.

Free Enterprise Management Systemt

Enjoy HR management and process approval system for a year free of charge. Services ranging from salary calculation, attendance recording and scheduling, to leave and reimbursement approval via mobile APP. Let us simplify management for you in response to a fast-paced and dynamic business world.

Complimentary Body Check

Your employees are entitled to a free annual body check-up including blood sugar level, blood pressure, hepatitis B, helicobacter pylori (gastritis/gastric ulcer), prostate antigen (prostatitis/prostatic hyperplasia)

Outpatient Medical Care Discount

Your employees are entitled to medical benefits in the following areas: general clinic, specialist clinic, dental clinic, vaccine injection