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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I buy a domain for my website?

    Your website can be visited via IP address instead of domain. However, your IP address is a long numeric string hard to memorize. It’s also poor in visitor capacity. An IP address isn’t ideal for developing personal or corporate business. Buying a domain saves effort in brand and customer promotion. Let your brand be remembered by many.

  • What domain choices do I have?

    A domain usually has two parts. Take abc.com as an example, we have the name “abc” and the suffix “.com”. The former normally conveys company name or keywords, while the latter conveys information on your business/country/region. Example of common suffixes: .com/.com.hk/.hk/.net/.co/.edu/.info/.asia.

  • How to know if the domain I selected has been occupied already?

    Upon notify you of the outcome. successful domain name registration, our representative will check if your domain has been occupied and If my domain has been occupied, what can I do?If your domain has been occupied, we will suggest similar domains and advice you on which ones to choose. We will help you to find a domain that fits (for example, if abc.com has been occupied, you can try using abc.net/abc.co/abc.edu etc. instead).