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Experience the power of AI-generated system features that enable you to create fully functional systems in minutes.

  • FORM

    Easy to build

    Simple and straightforward building process, YOOV PLUS empowers you to create custom business applications without writing code Manage data, digitize workflows and automate processes only by clicking, not coding.


    Workflow automation

    YOOV PLUS offers automated data synchronization, ensuring consistency and real-time updates by establishing data interfaces and integrations. It eliminates manual data entry, facilitating teams to rely on accurate data for decision-making. The system provides flexible settings for task reminders, inventory alerts, meeting notifications, enabling automatic task assignments, progress tracking, and prompting employees to handle orders. This enhances overall workflow efficiency, delivering users a smarter and more efficient experience in marketing and work management.

  • DATA

    Real time centralized database

    A spreadsheet that links various data together. When adding a new customer, the new record is automatically copied to both the company and contact lists.


    Data visualization

    YOOV PLUS offers more than 20 types of charts, such as line graph and bar chart. Create insightful dashboards for your team and visualize your data instantly.

  • AI

    Generative AI Business System in one click

    Through YOOV’s generative AI, you can easily generate system applications based on input system keywords, such as online reservation, customer relationship, order management, etc., and worksheet content can be built by oneself. Build and connect multiple applications on a single management platform, making it convenient for users to have every application at their fingertips at all times.

  • API

    API Integration

    Over 380+ applications supported, with API/Webhook integration, replacing manual tasks with automation to reduce operational costs and error rates. Streamline internal information through automated integration.

Easy to build

Simple and straightforward building process, YOOV PLUS empowers you to create custom business applications without writing code Manage data, digitize workflows and automate processes only by clicking, not coding.

  • Sales & Purchase Management System

    Increase work efficiency by automatizing tedious workflow.

  • Customer Relationship Management System

    Collect, consolidate, and manage all your clients' information in one place. Deal tracking is easier than ever.

  • Inventory Management System

    Digitizing Inventory records can significantly improve inventory management and track inventory status efficiently.

  • Event Management System

    Assign, manage and keep track of every activity progress to strengthen team collaboration.

  • Property Management System

    Combine digitalization and automation features, allowing you to easily handle challenges in tenant management, contract management, complaints, parking management, and more.

  • Marketing Management System

    From coordination, planning to tracking activity progress, bring you endless convenience, making planning simple!

Customize unique systems in an agile, fast and simple way


One shared platform to fit diversified business needs, from internal to external operations. All workflows, time costs and manpower resources are shortened.

Improve performance

Supports online co-working, sharing, automate approval procedures etc. Unnecessary administrative workloads, human error and risk of data leakage are minimised subsequently.

High security

Advanced firewall to avoid hacking and data leakage. Data protection is guaranteed with banking standards of SSL transmission encryption and AES encryption.

Local support

All-round 360° support is provided by our customer service team. No matter local or foreign company, we are capable to respond all the requirements.

Optimize continuously

Regularly optimise system and add new features to improve user experience. To create further value to grow along with your business.

Remote office

Through cloud technology, all the executives and employees can log in to the system anytime, anywhere, making the office truly boundless. Employees can also use YOOV WORK mobile app to clock in, ask for personal leave, check announcements and work shift schedules. To benefit the internal communication and document transmission.


  • What does YOOV PLUS do?

    YOOV PLUS is a No-Code development platform, which aims to enable companies customizing their own systems based on unique business needs. YOOV PLUS automates repetitive business process into workflows and centralize all data in one place for analysis, increasing overall efficiency at low cost.

  • How can I get started with YOOV PLUS?

    YOOV PLUS provides many modules, including Sales and Purchase Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or Project Management to help you building system in a fast way.

  • Is it safe to store data in YOOV PLUS cloud system?

    To ensure the safety of data storage, all data stored in the YOOV PLUS are encrypted using AES-256, and the transmission of information between your device and our servers is protected using 256-bit TLS encryption. Moreover, YOOV PLUS servers are located in data centers that are SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 certified.

  • Does YOOV PLUS has support service?

    Yes, it does. All Hong Kong customers can enjoy basic team support service, YOOV PLUS professional team will answer all your questions.