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Rapid System Generation in 3 Minutes

Through YOOV’s generative AI, you can easily generate system applications based on input system keywords, such as online reservation, customer relationship, order management, etc., and worksheet content can be built by oneself. Build and connect multiple applications on a single management platform, making it convenient for users to have every application at their fingertips at all times.

AI-Generated Document Announcement

AI technology enables the system to automatically analyze document content and swiftly generate document notices, greatly enhancing efficiency. This not only alleviates the workload of employees but also reduces the risk of errors, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of notices

AI Automated Quoting

AI technology in YOOV PLUS extends beyond document notifications to include automated quoting. With AI technology, businesses can achieve automation in the quoting process.

AI OCR Document Management

Quick and Accurate Recognition of Text Information in Documents, such as scanning card data, streamlining human resources, enabling employees to focus more on handling complex tasks.

YOOV also offers a range of AI collaboration tools, such as real-time AI Chatbot support, streamlining business workflows, enhancing customer service, and improving developer efficiency.

Comprehensive AI Business Solution

Business AI Chatbot

YOOV AI Chat allows customizable response patterns, simply by uploading PDFs/URLs or connecting product catalogs. In as fast as 3 minutes, a knowledge base can be established, training it to handle specific product inquiries, appointment scheduling, and offer personalized product recommendations.

Rapid API Integration

Supporting API integration across multiple communication channels (such as WhatsApp, MS Teams, Slack, etc.) to extract enterprise messages from conversation content and provide accurate analysis and responses.

Business Data Analysis

Sending feedback forms, collecting responses, and conducting analysis to enhance service quality.

Automated Data Forecasting

AI Automatic Data Prediction utilizes machine learning techniques to automatically discover patterns and trends within vast datasets, enabling predictions about the future based on these insights. This technology finds applications across various domains, such as sales forecasting, assisting in making more accurate decisions and planning

AI Document

Through AI document analysis, users can swiftly locate desired information while also efficiently organizing and managing large volumes of document resources

Why Choose YOOV?

Save Money and Time

Save up to 75% on human resource costs & up to 94% on work time

Comprehensive Functionality

Different module systems can be selected according to business needs, like Sales / Purchasing / Inventory system, Logistics and Transportation System, Project and Activity Planning, etc.

Highly Efficient and Secure

Equipped with advanced firewalls to prevent hacking and data leaks Utilizes bank-grade AES and SSL transmission encryption technology for comprehensive data protection

Local Support

Comprehensive support services in Cantonese and English Catering to local and overseas customers

Digital Transformation

Eliminate redundant tasks, significantly reduce work hours, and boost efficiency, and simplify operational processes and upgrade your business through digital transformation

Paperless Office

Digitization of routine approval processes, such as leave requests, reimbursements, purchases, etc., to achieve a paperless office