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Digitalization of personnel files automates the process from recruitment to employee onboarding and resignation, reducing manual operations.

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork

Get a complete view of your company and employee data, and quickly adapt as your team grows and changes.

Digitization of employee data

Detailed records of employee entry time, department, position, phone number and other personal and employment information can be viewed using the quick search function.

Automate onboarding process

Automate the recruitment to onboarding process, send registration invitations through QR Code or links, and employees submit registration online.

Reminder function

Customizable reminder functions, events and methods (e.g. new employee MPF contributions, employee birthdays, joining anniversaries, license expiration dates) allow you to manage daily affairs more effectively.

Reward and punishment record

Evaluate performance by gaining a comprehensive understanding of employee performance, skills, leadership and collaboration capabilities.

All modules are integrated on one platform

Attendance Management

Supports a variety of clock-in methods to comprehensively record employee attendance data such as lateness, early departure, leave, and shift scheduling.

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Customize leave rules, calculate vacation balance, support mobile leave approval, and all leave records are open and transparent.

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Workflow Approval

Submit and withdraw approvals online such as leave application, expense reimbursement, work progress reporting and purchasing request approval.

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Get rid of the traditional shift schedule, customize multiple shift templates, and operate in batches, which is faster than using Excel for shift scheduling.

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Payroll Calculation

Automatically integrate attendance and leave data into salary calculations based on preset rules to generate electronic pay slips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can new employee information be added in batches?

    Yes, the administrator can download the form template and follow the instructions on excel to enter the required information and then import all employee files.

  • Is the data stored on the YOOV cloud system safe?

    The system is equipped with advanced firewalls to prevent hacker intrusions and data leaks. In addition, the bank-level AES and SSL transmission encryption technology used also ensures that data is fully protected, protecting the company and employees' valuable information.