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Automate complex manual processes and repetitive tasks to help employees make better use of their time!

Suitable for various scenarios and industries to meet company needs

Leave Request Approval


Material Requisition

Contract Approval

Purchase Requisition

Event Process Flow

Visual drawing process

From the design process to the disclosure, the entire process can be drawn visually. Users only need to "select" step by step, and can configure the instructions, triggers and conditions of the complete process without any coding.

Diversify branching and conditional logic

Diverse branching and conditional logic ranging from approval, filling, notification sub-processes, etc., user can set the complex work needs of multiple branches, rules, and tasks.

Multiple approval methods

It can support different levels of approval, such as an approval method that only requires one person or all people to agree, and supports customized settings such as additional signatures, supplementary signatures, and manual signatures to achieve diversified approval processes.

Automated workflow

Data additions, deletions, modifications and queries between multiple tables are automatically executed, and event expiration reminders are automatically issued to easily solve repetitive and inefficient work.

Easily trace past process

The system will record every process action in real time, and you can check the process nodes and trigger result status at any time. The system will also automatically back up the process, and you can restore the past process with one click.