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Support various approvals, enjoy convenient and efficient workflow approval management wherever you are, all you need is a mobile.

Customize Approval Types and Automate Workflow

According to the company's needs, you can define vacation, reimbursement, expense and other types by yourself. You can also set up multiple approval processes to improve management efficiency.

Leave Application

Submit sick leave, annual leave, personal leave and other leave applications and supporting documents online, and your supervisor and HR department can approve them instantly via mobile phone.

Expense Reimbursement

Employees apply for expense reimbursement via mobile phone, upload receipts to record work expenses, and all reimbursement approval requests are sent to supervisors and the HR department.

Work Progress Reporting

Report work progress and apply for field work via mobile phone to facilitate internal communication between supervisors and employees.

Purchasing Request Approval

Record the category, reason, and details of the purchase so that administrators can see it clearly at a glance and speed up approval, while also making it easier for employees to track the progress.

Mobile App One-Click Application/Approval

Send push notifications to the mobile app for every application and approval, easily upload and view documents, and sync information on the go, reducing data entry time, human error and paper usage.

YOOV AI judgment

Digital approval process, using AI to identify non-compliant electronic sick leave papers during holiday approval.

All modules are integrated on one platform

Attendance Management

Supports a variety of clock-in methods to comprehensively record employee attendance data such as lateness, early departure, leave, and shift scheduling.

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Get rid of the traditional shift schedule, customize multiple shift templates, and operate in batches, which is faster than using Excel for shift scheduling.

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Employee Management

Digitalization of personnel files automates the process from recruitment to employee onboarding and resignation, reducing manual operations.

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Payroll Calculation

Automatically integrate attendance and holiday data into salary calculations based on preset rules to generate electronic pay slips.

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Customize leave rules, calculate vacation balance, support mobile leave approval, and all leave records are open and transparent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to establish processes for different approval categories?

    Of course, YOOV supports customizing multiple approval types, flexibly selecting approvers, approval levels, etc.

  • Can I upload supporting documents such as a medical certificate?

    Yes, you can upload attachments when you apply.